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Selected examples of work produced in this year.
Some of which appear in the shows list on the left.

Angela Mellor
Spring Show paintings and prints with ceramics and jewellery.
Ely, England.

February to March

Lawson Gallery King's Parade Cambridge, England.


Artist of the Month Bedford Art Center. Bedford, England.


Louise Laroche and Justin Hawkes are joined by Olena Kassian 'five sculptors in the grounds of the gallery'.
Oeno Gallery. Ontario, Canada.


West Road Foyer Concert Hall Show, Cambridge, England.

July to August

Final Choice, Gallery Artists.
Chapel Gallery. Bedford, England.

July to August

Concretely Complex, Eleven Artists in Canada

Arta Gallery. The Distillery District, Toronto, Canada.


West Road Foyer Concert Hall Show.
Cambridge, England.


November Show Gallery Artists.
Oeno Gallery. P.E.C. Ontario, Canada.

November to December

Christmas Show.
Broughton House Gallery. Kings Street, Cambridge, England.


Gallery Artist's Christmas Show.
Dolby Gallery. West Street, Oundle, Northants, England.